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BTEC Sport- Year 10

W/c 22nd March 2021


Re-cap notes from lesson 1 then answer the questions:

1. What are the four types of organisations found in the sport and active leisure industry?

2. Give two examples of a public organisation in the sport and active leisure sector

Main Task

Case Study – The City of Salford Community Stadium is a duel-use facility. It is the home of Salford Rugby League Club. Salford City Council formed a joint venture company with Peel Holdings to develop and deliver the £16 million stadium, which will also be used by community groups.

1. What are the benefits for Salford Rugby League Club of their ground being a duel-use facility?

2. What are the benefits for the local community of a duel-use facility?

3. Are there any duel-use facilities in your local area?


For the following facilities, decide which of the four kinds of organisations they are (public, private, voluntary or joint/duel use):

1. Council-used sports stadium

2. Anfield – Liverpool football stadium

3. Leisure centre

4. Water-based activity centre

5. London Soccer Dome

6. Amateur football club

7. School with leisure centre

8. Amateur running club

W/c 1st March


Starter - List all places where people can take part in sport in their local area. Classify these according to type of organisation.
Main Task - Research which types of jobs are found within the following organisations - Derby Arena, Oxygen Freejumping and Derby County Football Club. You may use alternative organisations if you wish.
Plenary - Pick one type of job you like the most and write a short paragraph explaining why you prefer that one.
W/c 22nd February 2021


New topic starts from today - Sport and the Active Leisure Industry
Use internet to research what Public, Private, Voluntary and Joint/Dual Use leisure/sports facilities are and where they get money from. Give examples of each type of facility as well as the benefits of each type of organisation. You can hand write notes or type. them. If you have any questions then message me on Teams and I can answer them for you. This work will form the basis of the next lesson.

W/c 1st February 2021


Write a couple of sentences in your own words explaining what is meant by the term ‘Motivation’.

Main Task

Read through slides 24-28 on the powerpoint (located in Teams) to familiarise yourselves with the different types of motivation. Once you’ve done this I want you to interview any family members about what might have motivated them to take part in sport either in the past or present. If this is not possible then try and think about your own levels of motivation to play sport or be physically active and make notes as to either what does or doesn’t motivate you to willingly participate.

Plenary (end task)

Think about external ways in which people can be rewarded for their sports performance. It could be anything ranging from swimming certificates for young children to end of season awards. Write a short paragraph explaining whether you think rewarding people is an effective form of motivation or not and state why.


W/c 25th January 2021

Read slides 16 to 20 covering an overview of different Views of Personality. You now need to describe the strengths and limitations of each theory. Try to write a paragraph for each theory (trait, situational and interactional). Once you’ve completed this, your final task is to write a conclusion stating which theory you think is most likely to be true and why.


W/c 18th January 2021

Read through slides 9 to 11 to recap on Personality Types.

The slides can be accessed here

Then read slide 15 on Observations. Once completed I want you to watch video 1 and observe how the athlete behaves, making notes at the same time. For example, does the athlete appear to be confident (extroverted) or shy (introverted). Follow the same steps for the remaining two videos.

Video 1 -

Video 2 -

Video 3 -