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Business Administration                    at Key College

This qualification is designed for pupils wishing to gain an understanding and knowledge around Business Administration and experience around a busy office. There are no pre-entry requirements, although a basic understanding of maths and English would be an advantage.

The qualification covers a range of skills in:

  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Office practical work
  • Health and Safety

Pupils will work on a range of units relating to the above skills and will gain experience in some customer service skills.

The qualification is assessed in several ways to provide a clear indication of pupils' knowledge and skills. These include:

  • Knowledge and understanding tasks
  • Practical tasks 

The practical tasks will require pupils to demonstrate their practical skills. Practical tasks will be assessed by observation of pupils carrying out the task. The tasks are summative assessments and the pupils will gain real life experience with customers.

Feedback is given to pupils showing the key information. This will also serve as an action plan for pupils who are unsuccessful in a task and need to complete further work before taking the task again.