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Care at Derby Pride Academy



Our aim is to stimulate interest and encourage the learners’ understanding of the skills and knowledge needed to care for others, specifically, young children. It is aimed to help develop life skills as well as encourage those pupils who are thinking of working in childcare and/or Health & Social Care.



The course is competence/skills-based and knowledge-based. It is internally assessed using a range of methods.

The modules chosen for study are: sharing learning experiences with children; human growth and development; respecting and valuing children; preparing for your next steps; science activities for young children; musical activities for young children; finding out about Forest schools; craft activities for young children and healthy eating for families.

The course is available at Levels 1 and 2; however, we are currently offering our KS3 pupils the Level 1 course. Pupils need to be 14 years old and gain 10 credits for the Award and 26 credits for the Certificate.



Pupils at the academy can sometimes struggle to maintain focus so a variety of pathways to learn and achieve are required. Each lesson objective incorporates Bloom’s taxonomy and is mostly personalised as pupils work at different paces.

In order to engage the most difficult of pupils, the curriculum has been planned to include a variety of ways to learn and meet the CACHE grading scheme: from written work to external visits; planning and creating story sacks and interviewing older people to create a timeline of their lives. Pupils will be able to relate to real-life situations and also develop invaluable life skills.

Class discussions will be held on a regular basis and written work will be completed to as high a standard as possible.



Assessment of all work is in accordance with the CACHE grading scheme. Each module relates to an objective of which key words such as define, demonstrate and explain, need to be satisfied.  This course will follow a stringent internal moderation system which is already in place at the academy.



As the academy already offers a CACHE course at KS4, it made sense to use them to offer a course at KS3. This course can be tailor-made to suit the pupils and, therefore, will help retain their interest.

This course will be evaluated against the CACHE outcomes in the qualification specification and will be assessed using the internal moderation system already in place.

The engagement of the pupils will determine the success of the course.


Cross-curricular Links









General literacy/ English

Subject terminology



Children’s nursery

Local parks

Natural world

Careers fairs

Forest school








Health & Safety




Career Links

  • Pre-school assistant
  • Primary school teacher
  • Family support worker
  • Special education teacher
  • Social worker
  • Education welfare officer