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Summary Careers Programme 2021-2022

All students at Derby Pride Academy will have the opportunity to take part in age appropriate activities which will help to advise and guide them at key decision making milestones during their education.

Year 7

  • Students will begin to understand what careers education is and how it will help them make decisions about their future by taking part in weekly personal development lessons.
  • They will begin to develop an understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement through activities such as personality quizzes and questionnaires.
  • They will understand how to link their interests to future education and career pathways by researching various types of job and the study pathways they will follow to reach these career goals.
  • Students will be able to take part in various visits which will help to support them in making decisions about future study and career pathways.

Year 8

  • Students will learn about equality and diversity related to education and employment. They will understand that ethnicity, gender, background and sexual orientation are not barriers to their future choices. They will understand the effects of stereotyping and how to overcome these.
  • Through the curriculum students will learn about the various life skills they will need to develop, how we all use these on a daily basis and how we can improve individual skills to ensure that we succeed in life.
  • Students are encouraged to begin thinking about different potential options for their future and the routes they will be able to follow to these education and career goals.
  • Students will take part in a 1:1 careers guidance interview with the school’s Careers Leader.

Year 9

  • Students begin to learn about labour market information and how this may affect their future choices. They will research and study local business and industry.
  • Students are able to research a range of Post-16 education and employment options, with support, and will understand the routes required to reach their goals. This will include learning about college, apprenticeships, university and work.
  • Students will understand the link between grades and potential courses. They will need to know what they have to achieve to be able to follow their chosen career or study pathway.
  • Depending on their year 10 destination, students will receive appropriate guidance from the Careers Leader regarding transition.

Year 10

  • Small group visits will take place to education and training providers and careers/skills fairs in order to help students decide on the most appropriate post-16 pathway.
  • Students will receive 1:1 independent guidance from a Level 6 qualified Adviser to help them make strong decisions about their next steps.
  • Students will have the opportunity to plan and take part in a variety of meaningful experiences of the workplace, develop their work related skills and evaluate their experiences.

  • Vocational placements may be arranged for selected students with training providers with a focus on skills such as construction, engineering, catering & hospitality, hair & beauty and business.

  • Work experience placements will be arranged for students as and when appropriate. Students will be expected to research and secure placements, with support.

  • Students will further develop their knowledge of Labour Market Information, researching the current local, national and international climate. The school will host a series of speakers from local businesses over the year to discuss links with LMI.

Year 11

  • Students will take part in further 1:1 careers guidance meetings with a Level 6 qualified Careers Adviser and a Career Action Plan and CV will be created.

  • Students will take part in a range of activities designed to help them understand the processes involved in recruitment and how to prepare for and conduct themselves in interview situations.

  • Small group and individual visits to training providers, colleges and businesses will be organised so that students are able to experience a taste of what is on offer to them when they leave school.

  • The Careers Leader and form tutors will support students in making successful applications for their chosen post-16 options and assist them in making a successful transition.

Monitoring and Evaluation

A combination of methods is used to ensure that the activities included in our Careers Programme are effectively monitored and evaluated.

These include learning walks and observations, weekly book monitoring and QA, open discussion during tutor time, student and staff focus groups, visitor feedback,  staff and student feedback forms and the inclusion of work completed and useful information in each student’s Careers and Employability log.

If you would like further information about our careers programme please contact Mrs Nicky Smith on 01332 349616 or email