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W/c 18th January 2021-Transitions

 This week’s topic is transitions.  You need to identify and explain different transitions which children may experience. Use the workbook and Powerpoint on Teams under assignments to help you.  It has also been posted home.

Remember to log on to Teams on Wednesday at 10.45 for Year 11 and 11.30 for Year 10 for your live lesson or to get any questions answered.

Don’t forget to send your completed essay on care needs to Mrs Fowkes either on Teams or by email.

W/c 11th January 2021- Care Needs

The documents that you will need to complete this weeks tasks are on TEAMS. Mrs Fowkes is available online on a Wednesday morning or via email at any time should you require any support with these tasks

W/c 4th January 2021- Care Needs

Describe two (2) everyday activities which support the care needs of children and promote their independence, well-being, health and safety.

Describe how the activities and experiences support the well-being of children.

Evaluate how everyday experiences can be used to promote activities which contribute to holistic development.

Work book and Powerpoint available on teams under assignments.

If you have not been able to access TEAMS or your OUTLOOK email, please contact school and request your login information as a matter of urgency.