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Physical Education

In PE lessons at DPA, we encourage our pupils to develop their physical literacy and technical knowledge so that they can become well-rounded sports participants.


Due to the nature of our pupils, many of them have disengaged with physical activity in much the same way as they have done in the more academic subjects. Therefore, the aims of PE here at Derby Pride Academy are to re-introduce pupils to a variety of activities ranging from accessing the school gym to indoor rock climbing. Additionally, pupils can now complete recognised qualifications, such as the Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2 Certificate in Sport Science.

The main aims of PE for Derby Pride Academy are:

  • To develop a sound knowledge and understanding of health and fitness;
  • To acquire and develop skills across a range of disciplines;
  • To take ownership of their own health and to make informed choices about their lifestyle.



Pupils will be taught in various ways in order to help them achieve their full potential within the subject. This is due to the majority of the pupils being keener to learn via practical ‘hands-on’ sessions, as opposed to a more written based session during blocks of theory work. Implementing the Cambridge National in Sport Science will help pupils appreciate how sport science underpins sport at all levels. They will learn about anatomy, physiology, injury prevention, improving personal fitness through appropriate training and diet, and the role of psychology in improving performance. Pupils will also be taking part in practical lessons, both in the gym and offsite, to further enhance their learning experiences.



Year 10 are now studying Cambridge Nationals Sports Science, having recently transitioned from BTEC Sport. Initially, they were baselined and are now working towards completing the first unit of work entitled Reducing the Risk of Sports Injuries, in readiness for sitting the relevant exam in November 2021. Following this, they will complete two further units of work during Year 11, which will be Applying Principles of Training and Sport Psychology. Both of these units will be internally assessed via synoptic projects.

Year 11 have spent the last two years completing the NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness. This consisted of two units: 1. Introduction to Body Systems and Principles of Training in Health and Fitness and 2. Preparing and Planning for Health and Fitness. Due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, Year 11s did not sit an exam and instead have been assessed through use of a synoptic project as well as Teacher Assessed Grades.



After working with NCFE for a number of years, the decision was taken to change to Pearson BTEC Sport. This was due to the NCFE course being solely based around health and fitness, whereas BTEC Sport offered a greater variety of topics covering various aspects of sport – thus, leading to greater engagement from pupils. However, pupils who joined the academy at a later point in the year, began to find catching up on missed work and assessments an unrealistic prospect and made their studies unnecessarily harder. At this point, a further decision was promptly made to switch to Cambridge Nationals as, although the guided learning hours are similar to BTEC Sport, the pupils are not being assessed every half-term, therefore ensuring late starters would be given a fair and realistic chance of gaining a sport-related qualification. 

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