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Daily PE should involve at least 15 minutes of physical activity

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W/c 1st March
Starter - Write a short paragraph giving your thoughts on what football in the Renaissance Period may have looked like such as who might have played it or if the rules were the same during that time period.
Main Task - Use the internet to research key facts about football rules and regulations in the Renaissance Period. Either write or type notes.
Plenary - Write another short paragraph highlighting and comparing any similarities or differences between modern and Renaissance football.


W/c 22nd February 2021
New topic in PE starts today - Sport in the Renaissance Period.
For the first lesson you need to complete a research task. Using a laptop or other device such as your phone you need to research popular sports and pastimes of the Renaissance Period. You can hand write notes or type. them. If you have any questions then message me on Teams and I can answer them for you. 

W/c 1st February 2021


Watch the video here explaining how to measure your own heart rate. 

Main Task

Take your own heart rate measurement whilst sat down and at complete rest. Write down what it is.

Now complete a circuit of the following exercises, doing each exercise for 30 sec and resting for 30 sec in between each one;

  1. Press ups
  2. Squats
  3. Burpees
  4. Plank
  5. Jogging on the spot

Re-test your heart rate at the end of each round and write it down. Do the circuit and heart rate checks three times in total.

Once all three rounds have been completed rest for 1 – 2 minutes and measure your heart rate again for a final time.

Plenary (End of Lesson Task)

Compare the measurements from the lesson. Write a short conclusion explaining what happened to your heart rate over the course of the lesson as well as explaining why you think any changes occurred.


 W/c 25th January 2021


Look at the list of different types of exercise from the end of the last lesson and answer the following question. What is the one thing they all have in common that needs to be done at the beginning and end of any exercise session?

Answer – Warming Up and Cooling Down. This is especially important if you are exercising to improve your health. After all, if you end up getting injured from not warming up properly then you are not improving your health!

Task 1

Go to the remote learning page of the DPA website and click on the link for the first video under W/c 25th January in the PE section. Watch and perform the warm up in the video. Next watch and perform the cool down in the second video. Can you spot any differences between warming up and cooling down?

Plenary (End of Lesson Task)

I want you to have a go at creating your own warm up. Write it down and try to keep the warm up to about 5 minutes in length. We will share the warm ups you create in the next lesson.


W/c 18th January 2021

Starter Task

Try and write your own your own definition down on a piece of paper of what you think the phrase Health Related Exercise could mean. There’s no right or wrong answers at this stage so just have a go!

Task 1

Using the device you were given at school (or any other such as your own phone) go onto the internet and find a definition for Health Related Exercise. Write the definition down below your own answer from the starter task. Now compare the two answers. How well does your answer match the one you’ve just found? Write a couple of sentences explaining any differences or similarities between the two answers.

Plenary (End of Lesson Task)

How many ways can you think of that a person can use exercise to keep themselves healthy? Write a list down of any answers you can come up with.