Useful Links

Useful Links

Year 11 Transition resources

In addition to the 1:1 clinics you have been invited to attend, please complete the following activities in readiness for your post-16 provision:


Texts Beyond the Classroom - a series of different texts types found in the 'real world' with questions to answer in order to support comprehension and meaning. The resource for this is in your TEAMS account.

Punctuation and Word Classes - a series of writing activities with self-evaluation checklists to improve accuracy of written communication. These will support careers activities and can be accessed in your TEAMS account.



There are several activities planned for you across three different sites:

  • BKSB Interactive Maths

 You  can find password and login details in your Microsoft Teams Chat as well as link sent by the  Maths Teacher.  Please keep the password and login details safe. Any issues with login, contact Mrs Galova or Mr Batchelor via TEAMS chat.  They will be pleased to give you a hand and navigate how to explore. Enjoy! 

  1. MME - Maths Made Easy 




Login in to your TEAMS account to access six activities to help you discover what type of person you are. These activities will help with what to write about yourself in letters of application and how to describe yourself in interviews.

  • Psychometric Tests 
  • Qualities & Skills Activities
  • CV Writing
  • The Entrepreneur 
  • Bank Accounts
  • Extra Curricular Activities